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You may have seen the term ‘facilities management’, as a job title, but more likely as a business name.

Facilities management is a catch-all term that covers all the services required to keep an office, warehouse or workshop running. For example, a facilities management business could be engaged to provide office cleaning, grounds maintenance, repairs and electrical maintenance, window cleaning, and supply of consumables such as paper towel and coffee. The rates for the delivery of these services are typically much cheaper than approaching a dozen different businesses. In a sense, you receive a bulk discount on services.

What is the advantage of using a facilities management business?

Using a single business for a suite of services will in most case give you one invoice to scrutinise, and one point of contact to engage new services or monitor the delivery of existing services. JWN Facilities Management provides a dedicated client manager, who understands and co-ordinates all the services your business requires. We quote cost price over all services, and add a slim mark-up at the end of the process. We are able to achieve this through minimising idle time of our staff (our electrician has zero down time as he can be re-allocated to complete repair or handyman work. Or our cleaners are also trained to do grounds maintenance or window cleaning). We have one set of building and management overhead for all of these services. Instead of your business baring the cost of a dozen administration staff for all the separate service businesses you need, you can pay one invoice for all services.

What are the set backs and issues to be wary of?

The same advantages of using a facilities management service can become negatives at a later date. By using a single business, it may be difficult to exit a contract, or shop around just one of those services. In a sense you become beholden to the business providing so many services through just a few employees. You are also heavily exposed to any issues within your service provider. For these reasons, we recommend you never sign a contract. A contract will trap you, and remove all incentive for the service provider to deliver on what they say they will do. JWN Facilities Management will never offer a contract.

Want to find out more?

Getting a quote can take as little as 10 minutes of your time for a brief site inspection. At the very least you can take the quote to your existing cleaner and have them match the price. If you want to arrange a quote, or receive an information pack, please contact Peter on 0413 316 996, through Linkedin message, or peter@jwngroup.com

The cost of servicing your office, warehouse, school, shop or mine, no matter how small in size, can really add up. It pays to get the right price now.

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