Carpet Cleaning in Newcastle, Central Coast & the Hunter Valley

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Carpet cleaning has three purposes:

  1. Health of staff and clients
  2. Maintenance and longevity of the carpet itself and
  3. Odour control.

To maintain the look and functionality of carpet, a proper cleaning and maintenance program can be just as important as the initial colour and pattern choices. If cared for properly, carpets can last up to a decade. If ignored, they can be soiled beyond repair in just a few years. Vacuuming alone is not sufficient.

What should a Carpet Maintenance Program look like?

  • Preventative maintenance via mats at all entry points (mats can be purchased outright or rented from JWN Facilities Management)
  • Routine vacuuming as part of the on-going cleaning scope of works
  • Spot cleaning stains with neutral chemicals as they occur
  • Periodic maintenance through carpet cleaning (often called steam cleaning)

JWN can provide expert advice in the care and handling of all carpet types. Carpet cleaning can be completed on a request basis, or at pre-agreed and routine time intervals.

  • The benefits of using JWN Facilities Management for your carpet cleaning include
  • Our staff are already familiar with your site, safety procedures and security
  • We can seamlessly arrange carpet cleaning after hours
  • Carpet cleaning is billed on the one monthly invoice
  • The service is guaranteed and backed by JWN and its many years of successful operations
  • As with all our services, there are no contracts



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