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JWN Facilities Management operates 15 high pressure cleaners of varying sizes, capacity and applications.

We deploy high pressure cleaning units to wash down exterior walls, driveways, roofs and sporting facilities. High pressure cleaning is a cost effective option to vastly improve the aesthetic appeal of a building and hardstand.

When pressure cleaning has not occurred for some time, or the surface is soiled by oil or paint, we also use a strong but biodegradable proprietary chemical and application process to remove staining.

Pressure cleaning is often a solution to graffiti removal.

Our staff are experienced and qualified to use access equipment, so height and confined spaces are not an issue.

Case study


JWN provided pressure cleaning services on the the walls of the old Centro shopping centre at Maitland, as part of the centre’s redevelopment by the new owners, Federation. JWN used a powerful but non-acidic chemical to lift away years of built up grime.¬†Access equipment was provided in a cost effective manner, as was traffic control. Not visible in these photos: plastic sheeting placed at the base of the building to collect and dispose of what washed off of building. Our price for the service was by far the most competitive tendered, and the work was completed on time.


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