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What areas do you service?

We provide office cleaning and our full suite of services to all areas of the Hunter Valley including; Newcastle, Charlestown, Kotara, Lake Macquarie, Hexham, Heatherbrae, Raymond Terrace, Thornton, Beresfield, Maitland, Rutherford, Cessnock and Singleton. We also have a growing client base throughout New South Wales and are capable of bringing our high levels of service where ever they are needed.

Will we be locked into a contract?

No. JWN Facilities Management does not offer contracts unless requested to do so. We believe this provides the strongest incentives to deliver on our service guarantee. We find that businesses typically lock their customers into contracts and then stop offering the appropriate level of service, as the customer is trapped. We recommend that you never sign a cleaning contract.

Do you pay your staff properly?

Yes. Our staff are paid above award. We pay all superannuation obligations on time. We also pay monthly long service leave (a feature of the cleaning industry).

If you pay staff above award, how do you keep costs low?

We have no administration staff. Unheard of for a business of this size and scale. Administration tasks have either been eliminated or pushed to management. Our management staff are also very lean. By managing overheads, we are able to compete at a price point few cleaning businesses can match.

How can we trust cleaning staff with our keys and alarms?

Our staff undergo extensive background checks before being placed on a lengthy internal probationary period. Only staff who have completed the period without incident are given client keys and codes. This information is treated with care. We are a large business with a long track record of secure site cleaning.

What are your payment terms

Our payment terms are 30 days. We raise invoices on a monthly or four weekly basis dependant on client preference

Are your chemicals environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our on-going cleaners use the latest in environmentally friendly chemicals. No chemicals are acid based. The chemicals have a neutral odour to minimise any potential irritations or allergic reactions by clients. Environmentally friendly chemicals are as effective as normal chemicals, but they do take longer to work. Our cleaners are trained to apply chemicals and leave agitation time to ensure a clean premises with minimal environmental impact.

Do you supply consumables?

Yes. Our consumables include everything needed by an office, and the latest in free dispensers. Please review our list of services. We are a complete facilities management solution. Everything from grounds maintenance and windows through to plumbing and electrical work can be completed by our business or our trusted strategic partners. Work is invoiced and guaranteed by us.

Are you ISO certified

We recently began ISO certification. The process is moving without delay, but it is none-the less lengthy. We expect to be fully certified shortly. In the interim, we welcome you to inspect our systems for quality assurance, management and safety. They are a major asset to our business, and are employed to deliver low prices and high quality at all times.

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Level 1/19 Darby Street NEWCASTLE CBD, NSW 2300
Phone: 02 4910 4037
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Hunter Valley
2/46 Sandringham Avenue Thornton, NSW 2322
Phone: (02) 4964 1019
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Central Coast
2.1, 6 Reliance Drive Tuggerah, NSW 2259
Phone: 02 4353 3222
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